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One hundred years of photographic history :

Pub. Date: c1975.
Call Number: NH 70 .O58 C68 1975

Coke, V. D. Introduction: Beaumont Newhall.--Adhémar, J. Émile Zola, photographer.--Barrow, T. Three photographers and their books.--Borcoman, J. Notes on the early use of combination printing.--Chiarenza, C. Notes on aesthetic relationships between seventeenth-century Dutch painting and nineteenth-century photography.--Coke, V. D. The cubist photographs of Paul Strand and Morton Schamberg.--Darrah, W. C. Stereographs.--Fern, A. Remarks toward an ideal museum of photography.--Forth, R. F. On appreciation.--Gernsheim, H. Cuthbert Bede, Robert Hunt, and Thomas Sutton.--Gibbs-Smith, C. H. Mrs. Julia Margaret Cameron, Victorian photographer.--Jammes, A. Victor Regnault, calotypist.--Keim, J. A. Photomontage after World War I.--Kempe, F. A historical sketch of photography in Hamburg.--Maddox, J. Photography as folk art.--Michaelson, K. The first photographic record of a scientific conference.--Scharf, A. Max Ernst, Étienne Jules Marey, and the poetry of scientific illustration.--Schwarz, H. An eighteenth-century English poem on the camera obscura.--Smith, H. H. Models for critics.--Sobieszek, R. A. Photography and the theory of realism in the second empire.--Szarkowski, J. Atget's trees.--White, M. Silence of seeing.

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