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After creating a free account an activation code will be sent to your email address. You will be asked for that code befoe you create a trial library. Trial libraries are designed to allow you to test the full capabilities of the service for free.

Build your collection

There are three ways to enter catalog records into your library. You can use the built in Z39.50 client to pull records directly from major library resources on the Web. Or, you can import standard 'MARC' records. Last, you can 'hand-enter' full catalog and holding records. Book jacket images will often automatically appear for your titles.

One or more documents, jpeg or pdf formatted, can be attached to each catalog record creating a full digital library system. Web links (URLs) can also be added to link catalog records to any source on the Internet.

Try out the Circulation System.

We recommend entering a few catalog and patron records and trying the circulation system as quickly as possible. Bar code scanners can be used. The service allows you to print barcode labels for both patrons and holdings, or, you may wish to purchase barcode labels through LibraryWorld or a third party.

Inventory and Serials

LibraryWorld is more than a catalog and circulation system, but a fully integrated online library service which also includes a robust inventory control and serials tracking system.

Patron Access.

There are several different ways patrons can have access to the library collection. A complete Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC) Program allows a customized user interface, book jacket images and even the ability to request holds on items. And yes, we even have a free iPhone App available at the Apple AppStore and a free Android App available at the Google Android Market.

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